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Rosmarin X Kirschblüte

Spicy, lively and at the same time fruity-sweet. A hint of eroticism in the nose. But not only that: Naturopathy knows about the anti-inflammatory effect of rosemary and cherry blossom. Blemishes, pimples or even eczema - the combination of medicinal herb and blossom magic can also bring peace to real problem skin. The vitamin B1 it contains can help relieve any itching. Like a delicate breath of spring.


Ein Klassiker. Mild und rund – quasi der Pinot Noir unter unseren Lotionen. Die Wirkstoffe der Pflanze wirken antioxidativ, was der Haut hilft sich zu schützen und regelmässig zu erneuern. Dank Vitamin C und E ein wahrer Jungbrunnen. Sie helfen die hauteigene Kollagenproduktion anzukurbeln, wirken entzündungshemmend und helfen die Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme zu erleichtern. Damit Du an Papierflieger denkst, wenn Du Falten hörst. 


Won from the roots of the sweet grass, the vetiver oil smells sweet-tart and woody-earthy at the same time. Many like this, but not all. Insects, for example, are deterred by the scent. For you, it's a boon. And: What a long walk in the woods or a hot bath are for your soul, vetiver is for your skin. Helps with cracks, stretch marks and other symptoms of stress. Inhale, exhale - breathe a sigh of relief.

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