Sekken Sanitizer 500ml with BIO lavender oil -

Sekken Sanitizer 500ml with organic lavender oil

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Sanitizer made from 70% organic ethanol of natural origin. Water. Organic lavender oil. Dye. Glass bottle.

Manufactured in Switzerland and approved by the FOPH. (Approval No.: CHZN6507).

Organic ethanol
is made from renewable resources, such as sugar-containing plants like sugar beet and sugar cane, or starch-containing plants like cereals, potatoes and corn.

Organic lavender oil
is said to stimulate the growth of skin cells. Thus, on the one hand, it is said to prevent skin aging, but also to support healing processes. The oil is said to have an antiseptic effect, soothe irritated skin, inhibit inflammation and make insect bites subside more quickly.


Use a sufficient amount to keep hands moist throughout the application time.

Exposure time:

Bactericidal, levurocidal and virucidal min. 30 seconds.
Mycobactericide min. 60 seconds.


70% bio-ethanol of natural origin, water, bio lavender oil, dye.

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